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Summer Vegetable and Sausage Pasta Dinner

Summer Vegetable and Sausage Pasta Dinner

Summer Vegetable and Sausage Pasta Dinner

This sausage pasta dinner is cooked with zucchini and summer squash and Jerry tomatoes. And then everything is tossed with a plate basil cream sauce. A hearty but fresh and definitely easy summer supper.


How Do You Reduce Waste? Onion Top Stir Fry Recipe

How to reduce waste with a Onion Top Stir Fry by @cookthestory

For this easy stir fry recipe you stir fry the tops of onions (or of spring onions) for a few minutes and then toss them with honey, soy and sesame seeds. It’s a great recipe to use up onion tops, if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on some.


Caprese Salad with Mozzarella Crisps for Aggie

Caprese Salad with Crispy Mozzarella from

Instead of fresh mozzarella, this caprese salad uses mozzarella that has been baked until crisp and brown like the cheese at the edges of a lasagna pan. This recipe is part of the Virtual Shower for Aggie of Aggie’s Kitchen.


Need School Lunch Ideas? A Versatile Pasta Salad for #BackToSchoolWeek

New school lunch ideas: A frozen pasta salad that is versatile and can be turned into a soup or baked pasta for lunch or dinner from

Here are some new school lunch ideas: A big batch of make ahead freezable pasta salad. It’s versatile. Use as kids lunches, in soups and in baked pasta. This recipe is part of Back to School Week. Click for this and many more back to school ideas.


My Burger Recipe With Bacon Right IN The Patty

A burger recipes where bacon is mixed right in with the beef to form the burger patty. Amazing, right? And did you see that egg dripping over it all?

Bacon is so good on burgers. What about right IN burgers? For this burger recipe bacon is mixed with the ground beef right in the patty. It’s a revelation.


A Burger Recipe That’s Genius AND Easy

The Flamenco Burger: There's chorizo sausage right in the patty for flavor and extreme juiciness by Click for the recipe and to enter to win one of three $50 Visa Gift Cards.

Today I’m telling you about about a fiesta of a burger recipe. This burger recipe has chorizo sausage mixed right into the patty. It’s amazing. So amazing that a version of this burger got me into the finals of the Whole Foods Fill the Grill Competition. Inspiration can sometimes come at just the right moment. […]


Ice Cream Sundae with Roasted Cherry Wine Sauce

Ice Cream Sundae with Roasted Cherries and Red Wine andmroe frozen treats from

Here’s an ice cream sundae topping of roasted fresh cherries, a tiny bit of black pepper, red wine and honey. It’s a grown up sundae as sweet and tasty and easy as pie.


Frozen Dessert! Easy Cherry Frozen Yogurt Pie

An easy frozen dessert! Cherry Frozen Yogurt Pie by

As part of Frozen Treat Week I’m sharing this easy, delicious and healthy frozen dessert. It’s a cherry and frozen yogurt pie. Mix the ingredients, fill the pie crust, freeze, cut and serve. So so good. So so easy.


Lazy Poutine for #MakeItMine

Lazy Poutine made with baked potatoes, cheese and bottle gravy. A total craving buster by

When you get a craving for poutine but can’t be bothered to make fries, try this lazy poutine. A crisped baked potato topped with cheese and bottled gravy. This is my contribution to this week’s #MakeItMine Challenge.


Breakfast Grilled Cheese With A Crunchy Maple Crust

Breakfast Grilled Cheese with a Crunchy Maple Crust by

To make the outside of a grilled cheese sandwich crunchy and extra delicious, this recipe adds maple syrup to the butter on the outside of the sandwich. The sugars in the syrup caramelize and result in a slight candy crunch to the bread.


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