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An Unscary Supper: Cumin Scented Chickpeas with Organic Chicken Sausage

Alongside Garlic Couscous Peppered with Golden Raisins Don’t forget to check out my post Eating Alone: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly this week on Scary Mommy‘s Scary Mommy Society. Now back to this week’s theme: Strategies for getting dinner on the table. I’m not great at dashing madly around the kitchen for half […]


New Year’s Eve Spicy Maple Cashews

Spicey Maple Cashews with Golden Raisins

Sugar and spice and everything nice…But these cashews (like most girls I know!) have a spunky side that packs a real kick. As promised, here is my second-to-last post about the ultimate New Year’s Eve party: My recipe for Spicy Maple Cashews that will keep people snacking and sipping all night long. 1/2 tsp ground […]


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