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Speaking w/ Chef Shane of The Melting Pot Restaurants

The Melting Pot Gift Card

As you know, Katie from Katie’s Cucina and I have been having Fondue Week. There have been fondue giveaways and fondue recipes galore. And Tuesday night, in honor of National Chocolate Fondue Day, Katie and I chatted with Chef Shane Schaibly, the corporate chef of Front Burner Brands, restaurant management company for The Melting Pot […]


How To Spice Up Your Chocolate Fondue Recipe

A Chocolate Fondue REcipe with Cardamom and Orangue Liqueur for a romantic dinner on Valentine's Day

As part of Fondue Week I’ve been sharing some of my tips for creating a romantic dinner. Today I suggest you go on a food adventure together by trying something new, like this chocolate fondue with cardamom.


A Warm Goat Cheese Dip for a Romantic Dinner

This is a warm goat cheese dip with lemon and basil that uses bread sticks, cherry tomatoes and zucchini as dippers.

A romantic dinner needs to be something that is delicious but easy to leave half uneaten while you go do…erm…something else. And then you come back to it later and have some more. This warm goat cheese dip is


Fondue Giveaway Extravaganza & Link Up Party

It's Fondue Week and we have amazing giveaways for you! from @cookthestory and @katiescucina

It’s Fondue Week here at Cook the Story & Katie’s Cucina. We’re kicking things off with a Fondue Giveaway Extravaganza with prizes like a $100 Melting Pot Gift Card, a Swissmar Fondue Pot & a Scharffen Berger Chocolate Gift Box.


Fondue Week & A Valentine’s Day Card

Fondue Week

This week Katie’s Cucina and I are bringing you Fondue Week with fondue recipes, fondue-related giveaways and even a free, fun (and sexy!) fondue-themed Valentine’s Day Card.


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