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Making Grocery Shopping Easier: ZipList Comes to Cook the Story

ZipList helps you create meal plans and grocery lists, new to Cook the Story

ZipList is new to Cook the Story! ZipList lets you save recipes from all over the web and then organize them and their ingredients into shopping lists and meal plans. Find out how to use this powerful tool with today’s tutorial.


Grilled Cheese Sandwich Ideas for Busy Weeknights

Grilled Cheese Sandwich for Busy Weeknights

A grilled cheese sandwich can be a perfect dinner for a busy weeknight. Find out how to use leftovers to craft a sandwich and more.


Healthy Lunch Ideas For Kids

How to pack healthy lunches for kids by @cookthestory

Packing healthy lunches that are tasty can be a struggle. Here are a slew of healthy lunch ideas for kids and sources of inspiration for more ideas.


Perk Up The Winter With Easy Side Dishes

10 Easy Side Dishes To Get Your Over Your Winter Slump, by

It’s still cold out. Spring Break and Easter seem so far away. It’s easy to get stuck in a sad rut. Try these 10 easy side dishes to perk up your winter and get everyone happy again.


5 Tips & 25 Recipes for a Romantic Dinner

How to add romance to dinner tip #2: Make a dinner of small nibbles, like these Welsh Rarebit Canapés by

Sometimes we’re so busy that we fall into a rut and find it hard to get romantic. Here are 5 tips and 25 recipes to help you have a romantic dinner with your sweetie this Valentine’s Day or anytime of year.


Healthy Tips for Entertaining for Super Bowl

This is an asparagus appetizer with paremsan cheese. An example of a healthy appetizer that you can make when entertaining.

Even on Super Bowl Sunday we do not need to go crazy with the bad-for-us food. There are tons of healthy foods that we can turn to instead. Here are some healthy tips for entertaining at Super Bowl and beyond.


Escaping From the Meat-and-Potatoes Way

Gallo Pinto is a Nicaraguan dish of rice and beans that is sometimes topped with a fried egg.

The way I cook and the way I eat has been inherited from my parents and my grandparents. I struggle with making changes that are good for me partly because I want to hang onto that legacy.


Easy Meals for Dinner: Tips and Recipes


These are my best tips for getting easy meals for dinner every week. The tips are simple and the recipes are tasty. There’s really no need to buy pre-made meals when you can do it all this simply yourself.


Winter Food in Alaska Video Chat

Highbush Cranberry Jelly, Photo by Nicole Pearce of Arctic Garden Studio

Back when I was a graduate student studying Linguistics, and specifically the morphosyntax of the language Inuktitut, I spent a bit of time way way up North on Baffin Island. My focus at the time was not the food and yet food was always on my mind. I was astonished by the cost of groceries, […]


Food Budget Tips: Our Chat with Laura

Food budget: Find out what you need versus what you want

I don’t like to think about how much money I spend at the grocery store. My best strategy for spending less is to avoid going there. Seriously, every time I walk into the grocery store I drop at least $60, even if I’m just going in for milk. Overspending is something that happens

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