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Kalamata Hummus Recipe with Homemade Pita Chips

From Scratch Kalamata Hummus with Homemade Pita Chips

This Kalamata Olive Hummus Recipe is made from scratch using dried chickpeas. It’s served with Quick Homemade Pita Chips crisped in a skillet.


Quick Kalamata Tapenade Recipe

Quick Kalamata Tapenade Recipe

This tapenade recipe is made with kalamata olives, capers, parsley, lemon and garlic. It’s super-quick to make and can be eaten on its own as a dip or used to flavor other dishes.


Creamy Hummus Recipe Made With Greek Yogurt

Creamy Hummus Made with Greek Yogurt

This is the best hummus recipe I’ve ever tried by far. The key to this tangy creamy hummus recipe is the addition of Greeky yogurt.


Buffalo Chicken Dip Made Lighter

Buffalo Chicken Dip made lighter by using chili as a base instead of cream cheese.

This Buffalo Chicken Dip is lighter than usual because chili is used as a base instead of cream cheese. It’s Buffalo Chicken Chili Dip! And it’s delicious!


Easy Appetizers: Build Your Own Apricot Cream Cheese Canapés

Easy Appetizers for a Party: Build Your Own Canapés with Lemon Pepper Cream Cheese and Apricots with Rosemary and Maple. #appetizers #CreamCheese

For these easy appetizers guests build their own canapés from Lemon Pepper Cream Cheese & Dried Apricots with Rosemary and Maple. Tasty, fun & easy!


Hot Cheese Dip: Mozzarella with Bacon & Roasted Peppers

Hot Cheese Dip with Bacon and Roasted Peppers in Christmas Colors

This easy hot cheese dip with bacon and roasted peppers uses ingredients that you can always have on hand so that you can whip it up anytime. The Christmas colors make it especially perfect for last-minute holiday entertaining. Also $450 giveaway.


Milk Mayonnaise: The New Food Craze

Luscious milk mayonnaise with parsley and garlic by @cookthestory

Milk Mayonnaise is egg-free, light and soft. It’s perfect as a dip for bread or as a sauce for fish or meat. This tasty version has parsley & garlic.


How To Roast Onions So They’re Sweet, Soft & Creamy

How to roast onions so that they're soft and sweet and creamy by

Find out how to roast onions slowly so that the result is a soft paste that you can add to sauces, spread on toast, toss with pasta and many other uses.


Shrimp Cocktail with Mexican Cocktail Sauce in Avocados

Shrimp Cocktail with Mexican Cocktail Sauce in Avocado Halves

Today’s Virtual Picnic recipe is a Shrimp Cocktail with a Mexican Cocktail Sauce that is served in avocado halves. Fun, right? Click here to get the recipe and to find out all about the retro inspiration behind this dish.


Edamole! A Mexican Dip Recipe With Edamame

A Guacamole Recipe with Edamame instead of avocadoes! This Mexican Edamame Dip is lower fat and more protein than guacamole and is perfect for avocado-haters.

This easy Mexican dip recipe with edamame is for the Guacamole MakeItMind Challenge. It uses edamame instead of avocado and is perfect for anyone watching their weight or for those who don’t like avocados.

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