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Don’t Make My Layered Icebox Cookies

Layered Icebox Cookies with Lemon, Rosemary and Apricot, an adaptation of a Martha Stewart Recipe

The Layered Icebox Cookies that I made for The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap of 2012 are pretty and they’re tender. So tender. With a subtle fruit flavor that hints at the holiday season and a flaky butter crumb that I yearn for on my Christmas Cookie Tray. But please please don’t even think about […]


A Welsh Rarebit Recipe As My Worlds Collide

Welsh Rarebit Recipe, Welsh Rarebit Canapes Recipe, Canape Recipe, Easy Canape Recipe

What do Bill Maher, Gary Hirshberg and a Welsh Rarebit Recipe have in common? Find out here! Earlier this week I asked for your thoughts on the meaning of the word natural when it comes to food labeling. The inspiration for the question is of


Wake Up To Some Coffee Blogs!

Great coffee quote: Behind every successful woman is a substantial amount of coffee - Stephanie Piro

This morning I feel happy and hopeful. While this might be because of  a certain political thingy that I watched last night, it is more likely due to the steaming cup of joe sitting in front of me while I write. My good mood and my coffee have made me want to share and so […]


CFL BlogCon Recap

Fitting Blogging Into Your Life Team:, and at the Central Florida Bloggers Conference #CFLBlogcon, picture by Jackie of

When we arrived at the Central Florida Bloggers Conference, Jackie of, Michelle of and I were chattering with nerves. We had planned and practiced and knew the ins and outs of our presentation on Fitting Blogging Into Your Life.


7 Tips for Taking Kids to a Music Festival

J plays checkers with a friend at the Winnipeg Folk Festival

Back in July the Hubs and I took J to the Winnipeg Folk Festival. We had an amazing time and we also learned a few things. Read my 7 Tips for Taking Kids to a Music Festival over at Adventures with Ben today. While there, be sure to read about some of his adventures too. […]


Contributing at The Outdoor Cooking Channel

Roasted Potatoes and Asparagus with Minte and Charred Lemon at The Outdoor Cooking Channel

I’m going to be doing a bit of writing here and there at The Outdoor Cooking Channel’s blog. My first post is up today. I’d love it if you’d go check it out. While there, have a look at some of the informative, fun and flavorful programming they have on offer. Here’s the post: A […]


Fitting Blogging Into My Life?

Fitting blogging into my life?

Three women, five children, two full-time jobs outside of the house and one stay-at-home superfoodiemom. How does it work? How do they balance their families, their jobs and their households with an all consuming “part-time” hobby like a blog? And why would they even be crazy enough to want to?


Why You Need To Be On Google+ and YouTube

A.K.A. Why I Hosted A Google+ On Air Hangout And Turned It Into A YouTube Video Everywhere I turn someone is telling me that I have to be active on Google+. And if they’re not talking about Google+, they’re talking about YouTube. Until recently I hadn’t been active on either of these platforms. But that […]


Guest Post: The Mrs, Her Mr and Rootbeer Pulled Pork


<Note from Christine: This was not originally meant to be a Guest Post Swap. It was originally a gift of a post from The Mrs to me for use after my sweet baby girl was born. But I hoarded it, waiting for just the right super-crazy time. In that hoarding period The Mrs had her […]

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