A Fish & Seafood Chat w/ Maureen C. Berry

Don’t you just love spring? One of my favorite things about the season is that I stop craving those big hearty meals and want to dive into lighter fresher fare. Salads for dinner abound! As do potato salads, grilled chicken and lots and lots of fresh fish.

To find out which fish and seafood species are in season right now and what we should be looking for at the fishmonger’s, Katie from Katie’s Cucina and I spoke with our favorite seafood expert, Maureen C. Berry.

Maureen used to live in the Orlando area so she not only told us which fish to be on the look out for but also where we (and our local viewers) can get it. Such great tips!

And she talked a bit about seafood fraud. I had no idea that such a thing existed. It’s basically the mislabeling of fish species (like a store calling something red snapper when it’s really shrimp, except I doubt anyone ever would fall for the fraud in that case!). She explains how it happens, which is very interesting indeed. When I heard the term I assumed that there was a malicious motive of some kind like trying to fool customers into thinking that it’s a more expensive kind of fish and thus being able to charge more. But it turns out I was wrong. The real answer is much more straightforward.

Now I’m going to go make up a batch of mahi mahi fish tacos (like these fish tacos from Healthy Food For Living. Yum!). While I’m cooking, you watch our chat. Then go whip up some fish tacos of your own. Or check out the tasty recipes I’ve linked to below for inspiration.

Interesting stuff, right? Maureen sure knows a lot about fish.

Here are some recipes to try that use the spring fish and seafood that Maureen mentioned:

Grouper with Lemon and Basil Cream Sauce by Eclectic Recipes

Spicy Pompano by Live to Eat

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  1. Adventuresindinner — April 22, 2013 @ 1:13 pm (#)

    This was such an awesome chat! I totally didn’t know about seafood fraud either.

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