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A Short Post with a Big Point

My post about the meaning of the word “natural” inspired by California’s Prop 37 to require labeling of genetically modified food has been syndicated on BlogHer today. I was planning to write a post giving more info about Prop 37 and about some of the other important ballot measures being voted on tomorrow.


  • J with his temporary cast and sling playing with M and her birthdya present J fractured his wrist yesterday and I have to take him to the orthopedist to get a cast put on. “Grumpy” is not strong enough to express his mood (nor mine!).
  • I am smiling right though that grump though because today is Baby M’s First Birthday! There was some late night present assembly and I have a cake to bake today. Tired and busy but prepared to giggle and tickle and make this day special for my sweet girl.
  • I have a shift this afternoon to go door to door for Organizing for America to remind people to vote tomorrow. Here in Florida the voting wait times and the length of the ballot might deter some people but I’m going to get out there and convince them to go anyways.

And I’ll take this time to convince you too. Instead of the big post I had planned about genetically modified food and blah blah blah I have one word:

9 Responses to “A Short Post with a Big Point”
  1. Oh! So glad for your syndication! Busy, busy, day. Make sure you take a bit of time for yourself too C:
    Adventuresindinner recently posted: Updated Chicken and Rice Soup

  2. Busy day! Congrats on the highs {yeah syndication, and happy birthday E!} and sympathy for the lows {hope J feels better}. I must run—time for me to vote.
    Kerry Ann @Vinobaby’s Voice recently posted: Review: Man in the Blue Moon by Michael Morris

  3. Ruthy says:

    Congrats on the syndication! That’s pretty cool. Will definitely head on over & check it out. And I can’t believe that after tomorrow, political ads will finally be over! Hooray! :)

    • Christine Pittman says:

      Thanks Ruthy! I’m looking forward to the end of ads as well. But I am feeling nauseous waiting to find out what happens tonight. Fingers crossed!

  4. Paula says:

    Happy Birthday to your Baby M! Cute picture of the two kids. Poor *big brother* with the fractured wrist :( Hope it heals quickly and fully.

    I’m Canadian but still hoping for a great voter turn-out for the election. Nice that you volunteer :)
    Paula recently posted: Halloween Hooters

  5. Katie says:

    awe so sorry to read about J’s arm. Yippee for baby M’s birthday! and… I thought of you on Friday when I went to vote! I waited an hour and a half!
    Katie recently posted: White Bean Bruschetta

    • Christine Pittman says:

      Thanks Katie. Those wait times are terrible, aren’t they? I keep seeing the line ups on the news and thinking about how determined you all are! The determination is great, the lines aren’t.

  6. I did Friday. Felt good! :)
    Sommer@ASpicyPerspective recently posted: Crab and Gnocchi Gratin

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