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What to Pair with Red Zin?

The first time I heard of Red Zinfandel my mind turned to those sweet artificially fruit flavored whites that my aunt used to drink in the 90s. Blech!

A Red Zinfandel is NOTHING like that. It is full of fruit like those other wines. But this is that subtle fruit backdrop that you find in a good dry red. And Zin is dry. And rich. And full. A great wine for serving with dinner or even with dessert.

It’s fairly common to pair Red Zin with BBQ or other meaty dishes. This week on my Facebook Friday Wine Pairing, I’ve matched the lush Zin with an equally lush Ruby Port Reduction used as a glaze and sauce for crispy chicken thighs. Head over to my FB page and check it out!

2 Responses to “What to Pair with Red Zin?”
  1. I’m usually a white wine girl (mostly because it’s just easier to drink in the heat) but I love Zin. (We don’t call it red zin, because that white garbage just doesn’t count as real wine.) I love it with steak & burgers, because the first time I tried it I compared it to drinking a steak. Plus, they have such fabulous names — Sin Zin, 7 Deadly Zins, Cardinal Zin, Big Ass Zin…I could go on and on…
    Kerry Ann (aka Vinobaby) recently posted: Win Confessions of a Scary Mommy for Mother’s Day!

    • Christine says:

      Oh! I love the names too. It really is such a fun wine to drink. I love the idea of “drinking a steak”!

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